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And Dave Sim gives a kind call out

It’s not often a personal hero acknowledges your existence, but on Friday May 11, 2018. as part of his podcast, Dave Sim recognized the novel and directed folks to the website!

You can see the whole thing here:


For those that don’t know, Dave Sim created Cerebus the Aardvark as well as a number of other comic characters and series. He was one of the first artists to self-publish and the first to successfully create a company and long-standing career as a writer, artist and publisher.

But it’s not just his commitment to his company and characters that is to be admired. Or his demonstrated ability to remain independent – but his commitment to the genre itself. Fighting for creator rights, helping others to achieve the same independent publishing dreams, and unflagging commitment to a vision that others can only envy.

Thank you Dave for your inspiration and kind words!