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Washington Improv Theater Proudly Presents…

Sunday, June 9, was the first board meeting in history that was not just enjoyable, but entertaining and, dare I say it…fun.

I suppose it’s what you would expect when a group of improv performers, and supporters of improv, get together to meet. Especially with a goal as genuinely interesting and poignant as Washington Improvisation Theater’s. There are a lot of improvisation companies out there, but none match WIT’s dedication to education and improvement of people’s enjoyment of life.

Fun is a large part of the philosophy of WIT. Whether it is the WIT@work programs that help people approach issues, conflicts and problems by seeking creative alternatives through improvisation theory, free Improv for all workshops to get a taste of what improv can offer you, or offering highly developed training classes designed to have you performing on stage, you will not only have fun, but learn something about yourself, and a ton about the people around you.

Community is as important, if not more. The work the theater has done for the immediate community around the theater, with programs in elementary schools, work with high school students, and work with the furloughed federal employees, the organization personifies the concept that giving comes back ten-fold.

Listening and teamwork are core essentials to successful improvisation, and taking the lessons learned at WIT will do nothing but reap profound rewards in your own personal and professional life. And have fun while doing it!

Looking at the next three years of service with this amazing company, this incredible group of people, and an inspiring mission.