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London Calling, Day 1

mini-deadpool in LondonEngland. More specifically, London. What a hell-hole.

I don’t worry that the city will be impacted the slightest by my impression or review. But if you’re considering heading over, let me provide you with a warning. It’s not what you think.

That said, our first day in England was actually spent in Bath – which might be the exact opposite of London, a lovely place, and I highly recommend you focus here instead of the big city.

Well, by first day, where we stayed. Since we were exhausted from the flight and really not in the mood for much, we decided to hold it to one tourist attraction then dinner. We decided on…Windsor Castle:

windsor castle

winsdor castle gate
nice furniture, one owner, never been used
Door Knocker, Windsor Castle

And that underwhelming tour of the stone house with furniture that’s never been used pretty much did everyone in!