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MCPS Needs to Return to Live Instruction

The Board of education is meeting to determine a plan to return to the classroom and that is fantastic. That must happen as soon as possible

First I’d like to address Dr. Gayles. You are an awesome human being. The work you’ve done in pediatric AIDS has been fantastic

That said, when you’re a hammer everything is a nail and the pattern of thinking that you have exhibited that was so beneficial in your past and the research you did is not applicable here. I think there’s been some overreaction. You’re comfortable with it because of the work you’ve done and where you have been, but I think you have to take a look at where other scientists and medical doctors are and reevaluate your positions.

Leadership has failed. Because leadership has made decisions out of fear. Anytime you begin a sentence with “I’m afraid that…” STOP. Whatever decision you are about to make is going to be a disaster. You are engaging in inductive reasoning. You have determined an outcome and are cherry picking facts to support the conclusion you made from fear.

I feel like it’s a climate change argument – you found the one person that will support you saying “There’s no climate change” while a hundred scientists stand behind them and shout out “No, there is climate change.”

You’ve found the one person who will support your position of remaining closed, while hundreds of pediatricians, scientists and doctors say we’re ready to open.

But it’s not hypothetical .  Dozens of states and districts are reopening and not just for hybrid – for full time school. And now our high school students are twice as behind. This is not a national issue anymore, it is a local one. It is us. So, when they graduate, they will be competing against students who are in school.  We’ve seen the test slide, we know they are not getting effective instruction, but now we’ve made an entire group of high school students non-competitive for college.

We have to go back. You have to face your fears. You have to be leaders. You have to make the right decision. Entire countries are making that decision. Germany, France and England are closing back down. They’re shutting their businesses, but their keeping their schools open. Because they’re demonstrably safe. Montgomery County used to be a leader. But now we’re a follower and falling further behind. We are clinging to our fearful thinking and irrational thoughts. We need to stop. We need to get our kids back in school now.