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Nine9 Talent Feels I am the new IT Model!

We also texted you but we reviewed the modeling/acting/extras application that you submitted to us online. What I want to do now is schedule a time for you to come meet with the team for an evaluation. Timing is everything so the sooner the better. I do have an appointment with Ms. Billan, the Director of our New York – 5th Ave location, available this Thursday at 11:30a. Email me back ASAP saying that you can make it on Thursday and I’ll send back a confirmation with points such as what to wear, bring, etc. We look forward to meeting you. Thanks Janelle 

P.S.: Email me even if that time doesn’t work, I may be able to work something else out for you so let me know a better day.Janelle MeyersNine9 The UnAgency6 East 45th AvenueNew York, NY 10017 |

 Ms. Meyers:

Thank you for reaching out again!

I have been communicating with you, or someone with your phone number, since Sunday at 4:50 pm when I received the first text about this opportunity. That is amazing dedication to your job to be texting at that hour on Sunday. Good for you!

I explained, carefully I thought, and several times, that I live in Washington, DC. I did not see the point of travelling 5.5 hours to New York City for an appointment, to then travel 5.5 hours back home. That’s a lot of travel on the New Jersey Turnpike. Some would, quite frankly, feel it was a violation of the Geneva Convention.

At some point you, or the person I was texting, finally seemed to understand that travelling to New York was not going to work.  Realization dawned! A tet-a-tet was reached.

I then received a text message directing me to go IMMEDIATELY to an office in Falls Church, VA. Get in my car and GO! Unfortunately, I was busy and could not break free if I wanted to. Leaving someone in that type of bondage for even a few hours could prove lethal.

I requested another date and time and received…no response.

So I’m confused by your new email. We’ve taken a step backwards it seems.
Are we to start this dance a-new, dearest Janelle?