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Sunday Bloody Sunday

It’s the first day without rain in what feels like months. The ark is half-finished in the backyard and the neighbors no longer believe that I am building an elaborate tree fort. But the sun is now out, the birds are singing, and there’s not enough lumber to finish anyway.

We haven’t played flag football since the first day of introductions. My kids have forgotten what a football looks like or how to hold it. I’ve given up on passing drills since they just stare at it then lob it like it’s the worlds weakest grenade. 7 year old’s are cute when they’re learning a sport. And by learning I mean when they’re focused on the task at hand and trying. Thankfully the league is making up for the rain days by putting in double-header games. Yep, one hour practice, two hours of games.

You know what 7 year olds don’t do? Focus on something for 3 hours.

The dilemma I have is that after practice, like directly after practice, after the kids have been there for 4 hours (two age groups) I then have to haul my little one’s into D.C. and drop them off on a train back home so I can make the Washington Improv Theater show I volunteered to do.

Normally the train is an adventure and they’re excited. Today they will have been without their electronic distractions for 5 hours at that point and the withdrawal might be kicking in. When they realize that today is Sunday and tomorrow is school, they may lose their minds…that is, if the real world has not engaged them enough.

Maybe if I take them in with me to assist with volunteering at Washington Improv they’ll discover a whole new world beyond the screen…