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Whirlwinds should be in the midwest, not peoples lives

Holy Cow.

Not sure where to start, the blackmail, the first standup routine, or the nightmare past three days. Let’s start with the easist, the last 3 days.

Every few months I head back to Connecticut to check in on clients and see how they are doing. This is critical for my nursing home clients since a lot can’t communicate with me or anyone else. Getting older can do that to you. I try to see 35 clients in 12 facilities in one day. Sometimes it bleeds into a second day if someone needs to talk or there’s an issue. For the most part, though it’s a 15-20 minute visit with each person and a hello.

I timed the visits with three hearings and a meeting as well as some client meetings that were requested. All…three…hearings AND the meeting were cancelled. This is frustrating because judge’s specifically want me to appear at hearings and I’m more than willing. They also get frustrated that I don’t just “pop up” at their whim, which would mean a weekly trip to the state and there’s no way that’s affordable. Sigh, but it was a lovely day with clients and catching up.

standup routine and blackmail tomorrow.