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Torn between two lovers…feeling like a fool

DCu online starro

So. Here we are. Limited free time and video games.

I float between first person shooters, which involve little thought and a lot of reflex, and Massive Multiplayer Online games that require spreadsheets, pre-planning and a lot of repetitive button pushing. One is like a game, the other is like a job. It is a job. For which you are not paid in real money.

Right now I’m back on my MMPORG kick and playing DC Universe Online. I was actually a Beta player. The game lagged in interest, I quit for a while, saw there was a lot of content, and decided to jump back in. It’s one of the few games you don’t actually need to pay attention to play. You can literally just accept missions, push buttons, meet the terms, and then feel like you did something.

This is in Direct opposition to Star Trek Online, which I also started as a Beta player. And had to get out of once guilds had to form to share spreadsheets on best weapon and item layouts. When your game involves having to hire a data analyst, that’s when your population of interest is limited. The interesting thing there is that it’s a show, and movies, about science and exploration. But all the math and science is around creating the most efficient killing machine you can afford. I think something was lost in translation.