Congratulations on making the decision to get a coach! Everyone can improve in their professional and personal lives, and coaches are the perfect way to do that:

I am here to help you reach your next goal. If you’re looking for a coach who will interview you, identify strengths and goals, and then work with you…then your search is over.

Initial Session
Is a free consult. We will have a series of conversations either in person or through media to determine not just what you are looking for, but how to achieve it. Inner peace, happiness, accumulated wealth, improved relationships, or better job performance as an attorney or business manager. We do focus on just one goal at a time for efficiency and effectiveness.

Continued Sessions
Are at a sliding and affordable scale, based on what you are able to afford. Each session will have a clear, achievable goal, expectations for performance, and an in depth conversation to ensure that you are on track and adjust for changes that occur during your journey.

Why Fryar
My foundation combines my background as an athletic coach, military service, successful completion of high demand advanced degrees, and training as a constructivist educator. You receive all the benefits of someone who has had multiple successful careers, not for the knowledge gained, but the skills learned in success in several fields.

Looking forward to speaking with you!