Who is Michael Fryar?

Michael has over 30+ years of experience in education. He has been a classroom teacher, a social worker, an attorney and an advocate for children and families.

Michael is passionate about helping children and their families get high quality education that engages their needs and interests.

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Michael is married with three children and a wonderful wife whose career brought her to Washington, DC. The two youngest are enrolled in public school in Gaithersburg, while the oldest is heading off to High Point University in the Fall.

Michael decided to utilize his background, experience and expertise if elected, to bettering the lives of children and families by serving on the Montgomery Board of Education.

Michael volunteers with Family Services, Inc. (Sheppard Pratt Health System) teaching an ESL course for adults, is admitted to the Maryland Bar to provide pro bono legal services through the Montgomery County Bar Pro Bono Program, and volunteers through the Washington Council of Lawyers.

He owns a law firm in Connecticut where he continues to assist conserved clients with financial and medical decision making, and an entertainment company in Maryland where he creates content and represents talent.

Michael at San Diego Zoo

Michael Fryar was born in Los Angeles. His family moved to Connecticut, then Virginia, and then back to Connecticut over a span of 8 years. Michael attended schools in all three states, starting with Pre-K in California. Each year was a new challenge for Michael’s parents as the public schools did not provide the services or challenges that Michael needed. At one point, frustrated and out of options, his parents agreed to move him ahead a grade but this did not alleviate the issues.

When his parents divorced, Michael traveled with his mother to Louisiana. Finally, frustrated with his public school experience, Michael dropped out of high school at 15 and earned his GED.

While Michael was perfectly happy to sit at home reading books, eating junk food and playing video games, his mother knew this wouldn’t last and he needed a challenge. As he was too young to work, his mother helped him to open his own business. Drawing on his love of comic books, role playing games, and reading, they opened The Comic Book Emporium.

Comic Book Emporium

Inspired by his business experience, but eager to learn more, Michael returned to Connecticut to attend college where he completed both a Bachelors degree and then a Masters degree in Early Childhood Development, Constructivist Theory.

Armed with his teaching certificate, and determined to make a difference in the education system, Michael became a classroom teacher – one that he hoped would engage children and help them avoid the pitfalls that led to his dropping out.

Mike in classroom

Michael taught elementary school for 7 years. In addition to his classroom duties he creating a technology team that, among other things, recorded and broadcast school sporting events and board of education meetings. He also created professional development training that taught and modeled use of emerging technology and effective integration it into the classroom.

While teaching in inner-city schools and working with at-risk youth, Michael quickly learned that school was not enough for our most vulnerable children. He started exploring other avenues he felt could make a difference in their educational experience.

This led Michael to become a social worker with a child welfare agency where he worked holistically with at-risk children, often victims of abuse and neglect. Too often when a child goes to a foster home, they try to change the school system to that new home, further alienating the children from friends and the life they knew. Michael’s time as an elementary school teacher was invaluable in assessing and working with schools to ensure, as best as possible, that school remained a constancy and oasis for children in the middle of a desert of chaos and change.

While working for child protection, Michael attended law school on a full scholarship. After graduating, he first focused on children and education issues, working with the same child protective services children he had spent years with as a social worker. Eventually Michael recognized the need to add civil rights, mental health advocacy, and assisting homeless and elderly as a conservator of person and estate as a way of assisting his clients holistically.

While practicing law, at the age of 38, Michael enlisted in the National Guard where he served as a Sergeant in a Combat MP unit. He also returned to school to earn an MBA, thanks to the generosity of the US Army.

The family made the change to Maryland so that his wife could take a dream job. This has provided Michael with the opportunity to continue to volunteer and work with the populations he has served his entire adult life.