You say you want to create new schools (magnet and theme). Can you give an example or two?” – Text

“You say you want to create new schools (magnet and theme). Can you give an example or two?”

As a matter of fact, I can give two. While these are high school examples (and long shot dreams for names) they point in the direction we could be going for vocational education.

The Mike Rowe Vocational High School:
Mike is a Maryland native (Baltimore) best known as the host of Dirty Jobs and founder of mikeroweWORKS a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for students to attend vocational and skilled jobs training.

He is not just a vocal advocate for career and vocational training to fill the 1 million currently available skilled labor jobs in the United States. He has put his time, energy and efforts to promote and fund that training.

The high school would be more than a training program. It would be a school dedicated to holistic education of each student. The program would focus on cross training skills as well as providing the necessary education to start a businesses such as contracts, estimating, business formation, and industry practices. Students would shadow professionals, leading to apprenticeships and ultimately job placement.

The Toni Braxton School for Performing Arts.
Another Maryland native (Severn), Toni Braxton is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. Performing Arts accounts for one of the largest career fields in the United States that touches lives in so many different ways as exemplified by Ms. Braxton.

The approach would also be a holistic approach, not focusing just on the study of an art. Students would not just pursue dedicated curriculum’s in Dance, Music, or Performance Theater, but also in stage craft, technical lighting, contracts, marketing, advertising, and other aspects of the career.