Just who is this Fryar guy?

Michael Fryar is a master of change, transition, and acclimatization to new environments and rules. Not only has he been practicing it professionally, but his personal life was one of almost constant change and transition.

Michael Fryar was born in Los Angeles. At the age of 5 he was dragged kicking and screaming from the bright, sunny beaches of California to dreary Connecticut. This rather traumatic transition helped him understand that change is inevitable and you can see it with either dread or enthusiasm, but it is your choice how you view it. A few years the family moved to Virginia for the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley, only to return to the rocky coastline of Connecticut and New England. Each transition was made easier by forward thinking enthusiasm rather than backward thinking dread.

When his parents divorced, Michael traveled with his mother to the magnolia lined roads of Louisiana. He dropped out of high school at 15, too young to work, and mother fearing her son would just sit at home eating junk food and playing video games (which he happily was) she encouraged him to open his own business. In the summer of 2014 The Comic Book Emporium was founded in CatfishTown where he worked while his mother completed her Ph.D.

Comic Book Emporium
Michael returned to Connecticut to pursue a Bachelors in Communication before moving to New Jersey to work – and to learn that there may be places where enthusiastic transition requires creativity. He worked a summer at his father’s sandwich shop on Cape Cod before returning to school for a Masters in Education.

Mike in classroom
By the time he was 24 he had lived in 6 states, attended 11 schools and was an expert on change, transition, and networking simply due to survival skills he had acquired on the way.

He taught elementary school for long enough to get an hours worth of high quality stand-up comedy material before becoming an education consultant, then a social worker with child protection services while attending Law School.

He also expanded from Domestic to International travel and began visiting countries around the world.

His law practice first focused on children and juvenile issues, working with the same child protective services clientele he had spent years with as a social worker, before adding civil rights, mental health advocacy, and assisting homeless and elderly as a conservator of person and estate.

While practicing law, at the age of 38 he volunteered for the National Guard and served as a Sergeant in a Combat MP unit. He also returned to school to earn an MBA. While maintaining his law practice, he expanded to assisting startups and newly emerging companies with everything from formation documents to product and market development.

Michael is married with three children and a wonderful wife whose career took her to Washington, DC. Michael currently consults, speaks, and coaches on a wide range of topics, including training the trainer, public speaking skills, use of humor in management, change management for those going through involuntary issues, transition management for those going through voluntary change, and topics associated with entrepreneurship, building small businesses, and communication. He is also available to assist you with creating your presentation from the ground up.

He has also decided to take his background, experience and expertise and campaign to be elected to apply them to the Montgomery Board of Education in 2020.