Addressing Posts on Facebook

So, apparently, I didn’t lock down some of my posts on my personal Facebook page. My personal Facebook page is limited to 100 people who run the gamut from exceptionally liberal to exceptionally conservative. It is a think tank of sorts that allows people to communicate and converse in safety without worry of personal attack or retaliation.

Having posts or memes public isn’t necessarily an issue for me – I stand by the comments on posts I make – and am happy to talk about them with anyone who is curious about what motivated me to post. But, having a relatively controlled forum for the contributors is important to me. Otherwise, the people on my page may not feel comfortable sharing their opinions or concerns about the items posted. And, that stifles the opportunity for us all to learn from one another through a civil dialogue.

If you’ve seen some of the posts that were left public on my Facebook page, please keep in mind – a posted meme does not necessarily reflect my own personal opinion. It may. But, often I post items in the hope that they will be a conversation starter for the group. Sometimes posts perceived as “offensive” or topics that are uncomfortable to raise produce the most robust exchange on my page – and, as a result lead to the most growth and empathy among the group.

If you are curious about my personal opinion, stance, or position – just ask me. I always welcome the opportunity to participate in civil conversations as I believe it is through those types of conversations that we will become a stronger community.