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Monday Night Stand up – not so much…

Bier Baron:The register behind the bar went out, and half the coolers and the compresser for the beer taps were out, so it was already a hostile environment in the place. There are 25 slots, but 15 are pre-booked. So 30 people show up to battle for 10 slots. It is decided on the earliest receipts you have in your possession at the time of sign-up win. But it’s up to the crowd to sort themselves. As you can imagine, it’s a giant passive-aggressive posturing crowd trying to sort itself out. I’m showing up at 3 pm next week, getting receipts, and then selling them for $50 each before the list get’s there. 10 slots every week, $50 a slot…and that Mercedes is mine.

Madam’s OrganJamie sent an email in time, then headed over. Something was bugging him, so he called and found out…it was cancelled for tonight. (mental note – he may be psychic – get lottery numbers ASAP)

Morelands Tavern:I met the owner, then the head bartender, and we all had a laugh that not only has them on the wrong night, but lists their address for Madam’s Organ. So people looking for Madams Organ show up at Morelands Tavern all the time, which was awesome when open mike was on the same night, but Morelands moved to Thursday night, so now it’s just an annoying pain. I went on to to send an email and…wouldn’t you know it, there’s no contact information for the site. So I sent a message through the form to update madams organ’s address to stop the madness. Had to be creative, for instance the url I sent was