Thank You

Thank you Montgomery County teachers, who had to wait until the very last minute to communicate with students, plan their classes, and commit more hours than can be counted to make the start of school year – in addition to taking care of your own family and personal affairs. And we know it’s not over – but you will continue to go above and beyond for your students.

Thank you secretaries, para-professionals, and others who helped with the materials hand out, with the hauling of heavy boxes, separating of materials, and dealing with weather. You were the face of this transition and, therefore, bore the brunt of parent frustration and general grumpiness at unclear directions and missing materials. But you did it efficiently, and with smiles, and that effort, in the face of sometimes exceptional negativity, is appreciated.

Thank you Principals who have been thrown feet first into the unfamiliar waters of virtual reality learning, leaving a brick and mortar building to manage an online platform and the extra hours, effort, and positivity you have brought to this situation. And will continue as we get through this and then have to restart all over again in your buildings.

Thank you IT staff. Your work is always behind the scenes and never really recognized. Unless something goes wrong, and then you’re the first to receive blame. Your incredible efforts to effectuate this roll-out has been nothing short of superhuman and it is recognized. The fact that this is happening at all is a direct result of your hard work, time and expertise.

Thank you mental health staff for being present and ready to assist with student and guardian issues. Change is difficult for some, but your efforts in helping children and their guardians with the transition has been immensely important.

And thank you central office staff. For your patience, your positive energy, and always willing to answer that question, no matter how many times it’s been asked, with a smile and patience. Yes there’s been a lot of confusion and concern over this rollout, but you’ve handled it with consideration and understanding for parents who want the best for their kids.

Thank you all for making this happen. It was clearly not easy given the last minute nature of a lot of decisions, but you pulled it off and it’s nothing short of a testament to your professionalism and commitment to the children of Montgomery County.