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Desperate Magic

By on January 20, 2024

Ceoltoir Sanders was living a contented life of marriage, daughter, house, and job. But contentment led to boredom and his wife, distracted and vulnerable, made a series of decisions that destroyed their family and left their daughter trapped in Hell.

Driven by desperation to rescue his child, Ceol spends years researching a way to undo the devastating event, leading him around the globe in search of obscure texts, rare items of power, and contact with supernatural forces to find a way to bring her home.

Our story begins with an opportunity, a price to pay, an unwilling companion, and a task that may kill Ceol before he can even begin.

Jeff Eckleberry – Letterer

Jeff is a highly sought after letterer who has worked for Marvel, Dynamite, IDW, BOOM!, Image, and Dark Horse. You can currently find him putting words in characters mouths in titles including Red Sonja, Star Trek: Picard’s Academy and Darkwing Duck

Elleanore Anderson 

Elleanore is a digital artist that likes to draw stuff and who has since she could hold a pencil She is excited to work on Desperate Magic with Michael and Jeff to make a super cool story.

Michael Fryar

Michael is, in no particular order, a father, a friend, a veteran, an attorney, and a civil rights advocate. He is semi-retired and settling down to a new career as a professional writer.